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Fotdella follows Ryan Baer, a Canadian street musician - influenced by San Francisco one-man-band legend Jesse Fuller - as he constructs instruments from salvaged junk and performs in markets, ragtag parades, beach towns and underground spaces. As it drifts from Lake Huron to Berlin, the film captures the solitudes and celebrations of nostalgic touring bands who recycle 20th century blues, jazz and folk cultures.  Fotdella tinkers with intimate and surreal performances to present a world of hacksaws, tubas, washboards and song staged between a transnational present and an imagined past. The tactile mechanics of DIY music making are accentuated through raw performances by Frog and Henry, Jesse Fuller, Ryan Baer, Dave Neigh and Ever-Lovin' Jug Band. 

Featuring rare archival footage of Jesse Fuller's last public concert.

Watch Fotdella here

Funding Support: Ontario Arts Council and Filmmaker's Assistance Program (National Film Board of Canada)

For screening inquiries, contact Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC).

Awards: Best Canadian Documentary Short - Regina International Film Festival

Jesse Fuller (1970) - Still from "Portrait: Jesse Fuller"

Courtesy of Bay Area Television Archive


20 minutes

HD + Super 8mm

Completion Date: June 1, 2018

No Cable Productions



saroja ponnambalam


story consultant

heather frise


director of photography

jake chirico


sound edit + design

ben mccarthy


original score

ben mccarthy

saroja ponnambalam


assistant editing + titles

jonathan carroll

additional cinematography

saroja ponnambalam

alejandro muñoz

ken ogasawara

michael fisher


jenny jay


sound recordists

jake chirico

saroja ponnambalam

production assistants

aliyyah fazil

spencer clerk

main musical performers

ryan baer

dave neigh

(a.k.a frog and henry)

additional performers - sewer show

ever-lovin' jug band

julia narveson

bill howard

amy  williams

tyler stoddart

archival researcher
ramiya pushparajah

archival footage of jesse fuller

Bay Area Television Archive
licensed from Kron TV


poster + illustration

julia narveson

special thanks

jessica palmer
chris hilbrecht
tiffany beaudin
canmanie ponnambalam
ildemaro ponnambalam
kumary ponnambalam

alex cherian

beth thomas

funded by

Ontario Arts Council

National Film Board of Canada-

Filmmakers Assistance Program


Regina International Film Festival

Upcoming Screenings

Past Screenings

Winner of Best Canadian Documentary Short


Regina International Film Festival 2021


Location: 404 Dutton Dr. (K-W Wing), Waterloo, ON

Time: Arrive at 7:30pm to secure a seat

Screenings start at 7:45pm

See Map here

Purchase Tickets Here

Ontario, Canada

Prince Edward Island, Canada

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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Logcinema Music Film Festival - 2021.png

Irsina, Italy


Worldwide - Virtual


Winner - Best Shot of a Concert
Miami, USA


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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Whakapapa Film Festival - 2019.png
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